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Cheese Cart

Since its inception as an optional course, the cheese cart has been an overwhelming success, bringing together an array of specialty cheeses indicative of different regions of Italy.  Gresham’s evolving collection, with cheeses young and old, offers guests an unusual and interesting palette from which to choose. In addition, our house has made accompaniments such as “tomato-citrus marmalade” to enhance the cheese-tasting experience.

Please find listed below a list of cheeses offered on the cart:

Name of the cheese
Milk type
Caprino Fiorito in foglie di ciliege Goat Basilicata
L'Ulivo Sheep Emilia Romagna
La Capretta Tenerina Goat Emilia Romagna
Carnia Stagionato Cow Friuli Venezia Giulia
Stracchino Cow Lombardia
Scimudin Cow Lombardia
Salva Cremasco Cow Lombardia
Roccolo Cow Lombardia
Piattone Valtellina Cow Lombardia
Erborinato Cow Lombardia
Brescianella all'Acquavite Cow Lombardia
Tuma Trifulera Sheep-Cow Piemonte
Testun al Barolo Cow-Goat Piemonte
Sora Val Casotto Sheep-Cow Piemonte
Rosso di Langa Sheep-Cow Piemonte
Robiola di Roccaverano Cow-Goat Piemonte
Robiola delle Langhe Sheep-Goat-Cow Piemonte
Robiola Bosina Sheep-Cow Piemonte
Quadrotto Cow Piemonte
Maccagnetta alle erbe Cow Piemonte
La Tur Sheep-Goat-Cow Piemonte
Gorgonzola Dolce Cow Piemonte
Cravanzina Sheep-Cow Piemonte
Capriccio della Rocca Sheep-Goat-Cow Piemonte
Bra Cow Piemonte
Bonrus Sheep-Cow Piemonte
Blu del Moncenisio Cow Piemonte
Podda Classico Sheep-Cow Sardegna
Moliterno Sheep Sardegna
Brebidor Sheep Sardegna
Piacentinu Ennese Sheep Sicilia
Brinata Sheep Toscana
Il Brillo Sheep Toscana
Boschetto al Tartufo Sheep Toscana
Bigio Sheep Toscana
Ubriaco di Capra Goat Veneto
Erbe dei Berici Goat Veneto
Castellina Medievale Cow Veneto